The MAGICA project has seven main objectives:

  1. Manage the project from administrative, contractual, and technical perspectives covering relationships with the customer and consortium member’s management.
  2. Design at least 3 new multi-frequency GNSS antenna geometries able to receive at least L1/E1, L5/E5, and E6 bands that fulfill defined requirements
  3. To develop a new antenna’s amplifier with multi-frequency answer, low noise behaviour, and low group delay between bands to ensure antenna’s phase centre stability.
  4. Validate the developed antenna prototype in antenna in free-space in all the RF parameters commonly required for the OEM for the High precision GNSS antennas. Especially on radiation pattern characteristics and noise performance.
  5. Validate the developed antenna prototype with antenna connected to the automated bench (including GNSS high-precision receivers) designed an automated during the project to receive GNSS signals for GPS and Galileo L1/E1, L5/E5 and E6.
  6. Validate the developed antenna prototype in antenna integrated on a vehicle.
  7. Development of an antenna prototype close to commercialization.