The overall project methodology is built up around 6 major technical activities

Theoretical Antenna Concept definition.

Based on requirements of the GNSS multi-frequency and multi-constellation antennas for high precision and restrictions for the integration of the antenna in a vehicle. Several antenna geometries are selected to analyse its electrical performance and reliability.

Antenna Electromagnetic simulation.

Using a complete 3D Electromagnetic simulator as FEKO software, different theoretical concepts previously proposed are simulated with a complete report of electrical performance. Different antenna parameters as VSWR, Gain, Radiation pattern and phase center are adjusted before prototyping. The effect of the antenna integrated on the vehicle is also considered in the Electromagnetic simulation.

Amplifier RF Scheme and components definition.

Based on requirements of the GNSS amplifier and new scheme for multi-frequency operation. New components for SAW filters and transistors are selected to analyse its electrical performance and reliability.

Amplifier Electrical simulation.

Using an electrical RF simulator with non-linear mode for transistor modelling as AWR, and using as well the [S] parameters of the different components such as SAW filters and lumped elements. Complete report of amplifier performance in terms of Gain, Noise Figure, linearity and delay group is obtained and adjusted before prototyping.

Antenna Test and validation.

After previous phases of design definition, simulation, and prototyping, several tests on the different antenna environments are performed for antenna design validation. Three different scenarios are considered: “antenna on free-space”, “antenna integrated on vehicle” and “antenna connected to high precision GNSS receivers”.

Business development and dissemination.

After design and validation, a better option close to commercialization for car manufacturers will be obtained taking into account the cost vs current solutions at the automotive market. New patents and technology protection will be done.