Ficosa participated in the GNSS & 5G workshop

Ficosa participated in the GNSS & 5G workshop

On 12 of March Ficosa participated in the virtual workshop “GNSS and 5G”, jointly organized by GMV and the European Space Agency.

The virtual workshop looked at the potential of 5G technology and how Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) might contribute towards its development and rollout. It also looked ahead to the next generation of this communication technology, 6G.

The coming of 5G will be much more than simply better-than-Wi-Fi smartphone connectivity; 5G will offer enhanced positioning capabilities,  enhanced  bandwidth and low latency communications. In fact, positioning is likely to become an inherent part of 5G infrastructure. 5G will then enable a wide range of novel applications, including asset tracking, autonomous driving and drone flying or the internet of things.

In this context, Ficosa made an overview on the future applications of 5G and GNSS positioning systems within the automotive market and how Ficosa sees the future of such technologies.

The vehicle of the future will be connected, eco-friendly and autonomous driving and highly precise localisation will be mandatory to make these features possible.

 Full workshop can be seen here (Ficosa presentation at minute 1:15:15).