Nextium by Idneo


Nextium is the Idneo brand which develops, manufactures and commercializes antenna systems, communication modules and biometric sensing systems for vehicles. Nextium team has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Our talent comes from Ficosa Panasonic Advanced Communications and In-Cabin Monitoring Business Units. Our background includes multidisciplinary fields such as Radio Frequency, HW, SW, System Validation, Global Certification, or Design for Manufacturing.

Idneo Technologies is a one-stop technology service company specialized in the design, development, certification and manufacturing of technological added-value products or services. We support our customers to transform their businesses through the integration of customized and innovative technological solutions. Our highly qualified and customer-oriented team of more than 500 professionals has a wide expertise in our targeted markets, which has allowed us to consolidate as a reference engineering and manufacturing partner in the mobility, medtech and industrial markets, offering international service to multiple companies worldwide.

Since 2003, Nextium’s team (first at Ficosa and currently at Idneo) has its own Antenna technology patented and implemented on several vehicles and different vehicle locations such as exterior mirrors, dashboard, on glass, internal in ECU’s, on plastics, under-glass, roof for different services such as:

  • AM/FM, DAB, TV, RKE.
  • Telephony 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G.
  • GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou.
  • SDARS.
  • Wifi 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac
  • V2X
  • Bluetooth and BLE

The business unit has high-end capability tools for the Design and validation of antennas such as software tools as FEKO for Electromagnetic simulation and anechoic chambers for 3D and 2D antenna pattern measurement.

Nextium team (at Ficosa) developed within the EUSPA ESCAPE project a prototype of a high-precision positioning module (compatible with GNSS/Galileo multi-constellation/multi-frequency high precision receiver).

Role in the project

Nextium by Idneo coordinates the project and as a highly experienced antenna & Telematics Tier-1 supplier will perform the antenna design and development with the consequent business development and dissemination of the product.

Note that, initially, FICOSA had this role. Now it is for Nextium by Idneo, due to the subrogation from Ficosa to Idneo. The EUSPA agreed on the change on the grant beneficiary.

The development of a new cost-effective GNSS multi-frequency antenna means the design of new multi-frequency GNSS antenna geometries able to receive at least L1/E1, L5/E5, and E6 bands (a better antenna design in terms of Antenna Gain and Phase centre stability without increasing the radiating element cost) and develop new antenna amplifier with multi-frequency answer, low noise behaviour and low group delay between bands to ensure antenna phase centre stability.

Nextium by Idneo will completely characterize and test the developed antenna in Free Space and vehicle conditions.

Nextium by Idneo, as a coordinator will be in charge:

  • to define all the possible patents from all the work realized
  • antenna development
  • the follow ups (will be done internally in Ficosa, according the different HW design loops and timing definition of the project and work packages)
  • 3D antenna’s measurement, GNSS field measurements and performance evaluation.