Field testing of the MAGICA antenna in a real, natural environment. Integration of the antenna in the SEAT vehicle model

This month, the final prototype of the MAGICA antenna was integrated in the SEAT vehicle to be prepared for the field tests, simulating a real installation of the MAGICA antenna within a commercial vehicle structure.

In order to get as much information as possible from the testing campaign, two receivers will be used to collect data simultaneously from two different antennas.

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How does the car structure influence the antenna performance? Measurements of the 3D radiation pattern at the Joint Research Centre (Italy)

After the integration of the MAGICA antenna in the SEAT vehicle, it was needed to characterise the performance of the antenna under the influence of the car structure. The facilities of the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Italy, allows the testing of the performance of the antenna integrated in the car directly inside its enormous anechoic chamber.

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ICL – GNSS 2022 congress

An important dissemination moment arrived on June 8th.

MAGICA was presented at the “International Conference on Localization and GNSS” in Tampere – Finland (June 7th to 9th 2022) with an oral presentation held by Marco Antonio Vélez Sandoval (NEXTIUM by Idneo). In this congress, the progress of the project and the first results from the prototype were explained.

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MAGICA Test Review Milestone

On past May 19th , MAGICA project satisfactorily passed the Test Review milestone!

In this meeting with the EUSPA, all the partners involved presented the status of the project to the EUSPA’s Project Officer and Reviewers.

The partners showed the antenna prototypes prepared according to the three antenna designs. One of the outcomes of the meeting is the confirmation that the “Crossed IFA spoiler” design is the most suitable design as it is complying with the performances (expected axial ratio and RHCP gain for all the frequency bands) – measurements done with the standalone active antenna.

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MAGICA Final Stage Prototypes

After several design loops, the design process for the MAGICA antenna is almost finished at Nextium by Idneo. This process includes design/concept definition, simulation, prototyping and validation. The joint effort of the mechanics, purchasing and sales department together with the engineering design team, guarantees an antenna that complies with the technical requirements but also fits the cost and manufacturability constraints.

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Season’s Greetings from MAGICA Team

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

2022 will be the year when the MAGICA project will be accomplished: the prototype will be integrated in a vehicle and a demonstration will be done.

Wishing the best for your projects in 2022.

The MAGICA Consortium Team is taking a short break to continue working very soon on the multi-frequency and multi-constellation antenna that will allow the automotive sector to have a high-accuracy positioning.

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MAGICA Critical Design Review Milestone

On September the 9th 2021, the MAGICA Consortium presented the results of the mature design for the 3 antenna topologies analyzed during the project (Crossed Dipoles, Crossed IFA for spoiler and Crossed IFA for roof). Simulation results are available for the three of them.

The MAGICA Consortium had a meeting with the EUSPA where a first prototype for one of them was already shown.

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MAGICA is presented at the ICL – GNSS 2021

Today, 2nd of June 2021, MAGICA project was presented at the International Conference on Localization and GNSS (ICL GNSS 2021). An overall overview of the project was given and preliminary simulation results of the most promising antenna topology, the crossed IFA concept, were presented.

The ICL-GNSS addresses the latest research on wireless and satellite-based positioning techniques to provide reliable and accurate position information with low latency.

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MAGICA Preliminary Design Review milestone meeting

On March 25th 2021, the MAGICA Consortium and the GSA hold a four hours virtual meeting for Preliminary Design Review. In the meeting, 3 different novel antenna topologies were presented: Crossed Dipoles, Crossed IFAs and Stacked Patches concepts. All them were designed considering the requirements defined in the previous milestone meeting.

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