Summary of the project

MAGICA, Multi-frequency Automotive GNSS Integrated Cost effective Antenna

Summary of the project

High precision GNSS integrated antenna on the vehicle for a potential application in Autonomous Driving

Summary of the project

Multi-Frequency ( L1/E1 , L5/E5 & E6 ) + Multi-Constellation ( Galileo, GPS, BeiDou & GLONASS) + Cost Effective

Summary of the project

Low-cost Broadband techniques to develop Galileo multi-frequency signal reception and phase stability.

Summary of the project

Multi-frequency automotive antenna for Galileo named MAGICA ( Multi-frequency Automotive GNSS integrated Antenna ) that will deliver multi-frequency signal reception and phase centre stability for GNSS receivers.

  • ICL – GNSS 2022 congress

    ICL – GNSS 2022 congress

    An important dissemination moment arrived on June 8th. MAGICA was presented at the “International Conference on Localization and GNSS” in …
  • MAGICA Test Review Milestone

    MAGICA Test Review Milestone

    On past May 19th , MAGICA project satisfactorily passed the Test Review milestone! In this meeting with the EUSPA, all …
  • MAGICA Final Stage Prototypes

    MAGICA Final Stage Prototypes

    After several design loops, the design process for the MAGICA antenna is almost finished at Nextium by Idneo. This process …